Wheel Alignment in Whyteleafe

The wheel Alignment system that we use has been approved by leading motor manufacturers as it meets all OEM requirements for wheel alignment equipment.

Approvals include :-

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Porsche
  • Volvo
  • Ford
  • Four-Wheel Alignment and Geometry Service

At Wraysbury Tyres, we use the latest Italian computerized system to perform the best possible wheel alignment and geometry for your vehicle.

The reader heads are attached to the wheels of your car or van and the signal is sent through a Bluetooth connection directly to the computer reader. The technician will then read the ideal settings from the database and compare them with the current readings and make the necessary adjustments. As adjustments are made, the computer will reflect the adjustment taking place live on screen for review.

If you are experiencing abnormal tyre wear and require alignment in Croydon, then a visit to our alignment bay in Whyteleafe in Surrey could be worthwhile.

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Ravaglioli 6 computerized wheel alignment

TD1760WS. Ravaglioli 6 sensor wheel alignment equipment is fully wireless using the latest Bluetooth technology to ensure fast and easy use.

The TD1760WS comes with short roll compensation as standard, allowing run out to be performed without jacking the vehicle.

The direct contact charging and calibration system allow the whole wheel alignment package to be 100% cable free to help keep a safe workshop environment.

The TD1760WS comes with the latest graphics program and lightweight long life measuring heads with a metal chassis to ensure that they can take the knocks and bumps of workshop life. Each head also has a remote control to allow us to run the full wheel alignment process from any corner of the car.

A quality service from experienced staff.