Nitrogen Tyre Inflation in Whyteleafe

Why use nitrogen tyre inflation?

Police forces across the country carried out roadside surveys to check tyre pressures. Alloy Wheel with Tyre.

On average, they found 75% of tyres checked had incorrect pressures.

Road Traffic Accident statistics show that 86% of tyres have incorrect pressure.

Nitrogen Inflation for your New Tyres.

Why do tyres lose pressure?

Oxygen and water contained in compressed air leak through the tyre structure, resulting in a decrease in pressure.

Tyres inflated with the correct level of Nitrogen retain their pressure for longer.

Tyres inflated with the Uniflate system contain minimal amounts of both oxygen and water vapour, and therefore tyres remain at the correct pressure for longer.

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Maintaining the correct pressure generates the following benefits for the motorist :

  • Safer Motoring
  • Better Road Holding and Handling
  • Longer Tread Life
  • Up to 25% Increase in Tyre Life
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Up to 5% Reduction in Fuel Consumption
  • No Oxidation
  • No Water Vapour or Oxygen
  • No Corrosion of Wheels
  • No Unnecessary Leaking Round the Rim

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation is Mandatory in the Airline Industry

Formula 1 has used Nitrogen Inflation for 20 years, with Uniflate Nitrogen being used in every Grand Prix race tyre since 1992.